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Worry-Free Local Moving Services in South Florida

With over 15 years of experience as Florida home movers, we’re no stranger to how tedious moving can be. Moving America caters to all your moving needs to provide you with a Stress-Free Move. Our team handles everything from packing up your home to reassembling your furniture.

Our Local Moving Rates

  • 26ft Moving Truck & 2 Men as little as $94 per hour
  • 26ft Moving Truck & 3 Men as little as $119 per hour
  • 26ft Moving Truck & 4 Men as little as $144 per hour

Local Florida moves are performed within a 60-mile radius. We are able to complete most large moves on the same day and 1 & 2 bedroom Local Moves within hours. We will also move you from and to anywhere in the state of Florida called Intrastate move.

South Florida's Most Affordable Local Mover

Just a Question for you, our soon to be customer…

Would you take a chance and hire just any mover or would you prefer hiring a moving company in business over 30 years, with 100,000 moves performed since 1985?

Is that piece of mind and would it carry any weight to help you make your decision?

Imagine if you could hire such an experienced moving company with trained professional moving teams, that have a knack for getting your move completed safely, efficiently and in a timely manner, damage free, at a low price, would you hire us now?

By choosing Moving America USA as your Local Florida Mover we will save you aggravation, money and time as we have devised our own moving systems in place to perform a quick and efficient relocation to your satisfaction! We have The Best Moving Teams!

How we charge for Local Moves and what are the inclusions:

  1. The CHARGING TIME BEGINS when our Moving Team arrives at your home
  2. We disassemble all of your beds, wrap all of your furniture and items in thick moving pads
  3. We SHRINK WRAP FREE OF CHARGE your upholstered furniture to keep everything fresh
  4. After all items are wrapped safely & protected, we load the items into our trucks and secure everything firmly in place
  5. Once all your items are loaded, We safely transport your items to your new home
  6. Upon arrival at your new home we begin unloading & place everything in rooms and areas you require
  7. We reassemble your beds and happy to assemble most items you request
  8. After everything is in place & you’re happy and say we are done, CHARGING TIME STOPS.
  9. We add our Travel Time charge to the end of your move to compensates our teams and trucks trip back to our office.
  10. Standard required insurance/valuation is included in every move at no additional charge. .60 cents per lb per article.
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